Tips It Over And Pours It Out

I kept wondering how much more could I take, so much drama going on. Was I strong enough is all that filled my thoughts. Could I hold this family up until whenever. I kept my head down for so long, just doing what was needed, now I get to look up and see the sun rise.

I was very skeptical to call my writing, a “career”. I just thought it was a way for me to let go and it let it all out and if someone else was going through it, they could relate and I could still help someone. But it’s transformed into something else, a life of it’s own and I’m just holding on for the ride. I have made so many new friends it’s ridiculous. The whole writing community just wants to help other writers succeed. It’s a beautiful thing to be apart of.

Well, there I was wondering, wondering, wondering, how much could I take before I broke and then I got a text that made my weights feel like pillows. That text showed me that I mattered. I can’t wait to say what the text was about! It’ll be revealed soon, I’m over the moon excited about this!


I’ll be back soon,


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