Weekend Reads Reviews

Hello Peeps, I recently a started hashtag on Twitter #weekendreads. I started #weekendreads for a specific purpose. Get people reading! We’re all so busy writing, some of us, including me don’t take the time to refine our craft and read. If it doesn’t apply to you, kudos, if it does, don’t feel ashamed. I used to think that if I read other people’s work that it would bleed into mine and I would incoherently write in their style, like I would borrow their words. Well, I’ve been reading tons of books and my writing has only gotten better and it dawned on me, all the words are borrowed but each author has their own release, their own representation of how the words should display themselves. So I started a hashtag in the hopes that others would see a book they may want to read even if it’s not mine and be inspired to read.

I also realized, duh, you have left no reviews for people to follow. I mean, I leave reviews for each book on every site I can think of: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, everywhere. On my blog however, nada. I’m thinking that needs to change. I thought I’d leave reviews of how the books make me feel. What I go through, or what I think the characters or going through with poetic expression. I didn’t plan it but it hit me and I went with it and now I can’t stop.

Here’s a list of the books I’ve read recently. My TBR (TO be Read) List is long but I don’t mind, it’s my midnight joy. I either read or write and they both are satisfying.

River by Ryen Lesli
FairyTale Lies by D.K. Marie
The Darkness Returns by Michael Nadeau
Bits and Pieces by Dawn Hosmer
The End of Echoes by Dawn Hosmer
Night Shift by B.K. Bass
Silver Glass by Anna Read

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