Published Author!

Hey Hey Peeps! So, I’m a published author now. HOORAY! It’s still so surreal you know. I’ll be at the doctor’s office and they’ll ask, “Occupation?” this devious smile comes over my face as I say, “Published Author.” I know I know, I’m not Stephen King and you don’t see me on TV, yet, but, I am a published author. I, me, between raising 3 children 6, 3 and 1 and husband which includes: Homeschooling, cleaning, laundry, rearing, baby shark and endless listening to random tales that never end. Don’t get me started with also having to keep up with my 6 siblings and their SO’s and offsprings, mother, father, grandmother,  aunties, last living uncle and my babies I tended to in Ghana who still reach out to me all the time. All of that going on daily and I still managed to complete a book and get it published. Now that I’m published there’s a whole new set of rules. Can’s and cannot’s. Run by’s and check-in’s. It’s kinda cool though. The fact that a group of people looked over my writing and decided I was worthy is a great feeling. They put in the work right beside to get something great.

Kyanite Publishing LLC is a author based, author founded, author run family that are full of support and positive reinforcement. Everyone I worked with, personally has been super helpful B.K., Sophia, Sam! To name a few, they’re all so super helpful and talented and they care. Writing that book robbed me of so much sleep, but it was so worth it to hold her in my hands and she’s beautiful.

My pain and my joy, She Cried Wolf, was released in September of 2019. My life has never been the same. That feeling of accomplishment still rushes me when I wake some days. Random people tweet, “Oh, I ordered your book, can’t wait!” I’m stunned, “Thank you!” I mean I say thank you, but, is that enough? Can they feel my tears? The steady streams, flowing down my cheeks. One person choosing me is no small feat, there are so many millions of books being released yearly, over 5,000 a day and you picked mine. Awesomest feeling ever! No, Auto correct, I meant awesomest and I’m not changing it! Because it sums up exactly how I feel. And now you’re here, reading these, my words, and I get that feeling all over again.

Well, thank you for visiting and if you have anything to say, leave a comment. I love the interaction, keep in mind I am pretty silly.



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