Thoughts At Midnight

Open your heart to me

Let me see


Like no other has

My keys fit your locks so

Let me pass

Have I not proven my love

Look into my eyes

See past my facade

You know this love feels right,

Like life, how it’s supposed to be

Take me as I am 

You’re already a part of me

My lungs 

My heart

So intertwined in how I breathe

And move

And go about my life

An extension of myself

A limb 

A sense

Hairs on my arm raise in your presence

You present a challenge

For me to be more

To deserve a chance to earn your love

I extend my time, my emotions, myself

You wear your heart on your sleeve

Let me guard it 


Your words are hidden in the crevices of your heart

Where love doth spark

I seek not to entertain

I hope to remain

By your side

In your mind

A lifetime’s full

You are mine


I am yours

All of me


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