I sought hope

She escaped

I fell to my knees

Lost breaks me

All I wanted was the need to believe

Faith is ever fading

Wasting hastily

Hunger deteriorated 

Deserted in silence

Nothing’s fulfilling

Aches almost violent

Longing is haunting





Craving a presence

Break me out of my cell

This prison inside I made for myself


I buried the keys in the sand

Mind, body, and soul


In search always

Always wanting to be found

Seeking for a love

Though I’m turned off

I’m so lost


Alone, depression seizes me

Ever ready to jump off a cliff

Voices whispers 

“There’s nothing holding you back. Go ahead, do it!”

Your love, it arrests me

Your heartbeat beckons my name

Your want summons me

Its strength gravitates me to your plane


There’s a channel to my spirit

The frequency always hidden

Noises, muzzled sounds

Echoes of silence

Something, someone

Always trying to get through

Finally a voice

A word,


Lost in the pitch of your voice

Such peace in your laughter

The lust in your tone

What else in life matters


Man was not made to be alone

You pulled me out

Safety being raptured feels like home

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