Ever just want to break down and cry

But you don’t

Your decisions

Your life

Your fault


Someone stop the pain and aching inside

Largest pangs are from the smallest things in life


I try and I try

As hard as I can

I sing real loud

To hide from my emptiness

Dance sometimes 

Get my body in the way

My heart aches less while I’m moving

Sad, that’s happiness to me


Still choking in a box

Waiting to be freed

Eyes wide shut

Wanting to be seen

Fist balled tight

But my mind can’t see

Chest clamped in a vice

It’s getting harder to believe

In Anything

It’s getting harder 

To breathe, 

Trying not to close off the world

Failing miserably

Still, I try to fit in 

Let me put on my smile

With a make-up kit

Plaster on a face

Who’s face I don’t care

I just want to slip into life unaware



See my pain

As your sight passes my threshold

Windows to the soul

They’re closed

Is there hope for me?


What else do I have to give?

Search me

I bare to you my soul

Have mercy

Take not what you don’t own


Find love in me

I’m floating in a sea of abyss


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