The Way You Make Me Feel

Each book that I read takes me on a journey that ultimately makes me a better writer with a broader scope. This place will have all of my personal reviews which are written in the form of poetry. Each poem expresses what I felt while reading or what I experienced, even when I became the character while reading. Yes, some books are that good.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell, always turning everything into a poem. If life is words, I want them to move my heart.


I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment below.




Night Shift by B.K. Bass


It’s dark even when it’s day

And the city never sleeps

There’s danger all around

I’m a cop but I’m beat

Who’s afraid of me

I flash a badge and get info

Lie to get to the bottom line

Anything to get answers

Why did she have to die?

Who’s secrets does she keep?

Why am I putting my life on the line?

What has she done to me?


So what, I’m a bit of a jerk

What friends do I need,

I got my partner Frank

Even though he acts like we’re enemies

I’m the brain he’s the brawn

Make no mistakes he will break your jaw


The more questions I ask

The bigger the target on my back

But why?

Suddenly I’m under fire 

All of the time

I have to figure out who she was

The human side as well as the bot

For my life now

Before both of our time is up

There’s a thousand things they could’ve done

Besides leaving her here at night, in the rain

Killed her during my shift

I will make them pay



Night Shift



The End Of Echoes

By Dawn Hosmer


Chest cavity caved as I think of you gone

World shattered

I’m broken




Dazed heavy in the dark

I don’t want to get up, I want to stay here on the ground

What if you’re still alive

Waiting to be found

My daughter

My child

From my womb

Stolen away from me

Gone far too soon

There’s so much you haven’t done or seen

I was supposed to help you pick a dress for your wedding

Pack your room when you moved for college

Now my brain is stuck in a fog

And I can’t seem to wake up

How a mother’s heart breaks knowing she has to bury her daughter


They say the worst thing you can do is bury your child

My knees buckle as I fathom living while you’re in the ground.


The Darkness Returns

By Micheal Nadeau


The pull was so strong, intense and surreal

Was this happening to me

My conscious couldn’t separate your world from my reality

I became them,

Walking the lands of Lythinall

Ready to stand against the great evil of Dar’Krist

Embracing every love

Feeling gratitude for the bard, Karsis

I’m better having known you

Kinder, gentler somehow

Every page sent me deeper into your world and I can’t get home now

Amazing adventure

Just the right amount of suspense,

So many creatures and I wasn’t overwhelmed

I got to know all of them

They were my friends 

We walked together and conversed

I was grateful for their time

Thank you for sharing these gifts from your mind

Your family now mine

Treasures refined

Lives sacrificed and spared

I could’ve killed you

But then you made me laugh

I was emotionally everywhere

And enjoyed the dispersing of my sanity

I need to know what is in the water

And what will Rhoe be?

Also, who is this man trying to kill everybody?



Fairy Tale Lies

By DK Marie


I was so ready to be loved by you

But you didn’t know

What to think

I’m not emotionally available

Lifetime of hiding

My parents rule my life but you

You want to show me another way

I didn’t know I was this wild, this sassy, this sexy.


You’ve awakened a desire in me

I want to see where this goes

But for the time being, no one else needs to know

You seem to be okay for a while 

From experience I know suppression can make one sick

Can I distract you with a kiss, suck and lick

Oh me Oh my

I wasn’t ready for this ride


Don’t go

I didn’t get to tell you

You’re the love of my life

Bits And Pieces

By Dawn Hosmer


The colors, the blinding lights

Through the blindest eyes I see you

Gift or a curse still a burden 

All grown up still don’t know what to do

Daddy hates me he’s embarrassed

Maybe even afraid

Wouldn’t be so bad if you would just hold me momma, hold me.


My brother, always there when I want you and even when I don’t

In and out of hospitals, you were there for me the most

I can’t count how many times you saved me

Or how it feels to be loved by you

The way you make me have hope in myself

When I’m desperately trying to give up on life and everyone else.


I’ve met someone 

But he might be trying to kill me

Maybe it’s all in my mind

Cause every time he touches me I get warm feelings 

And I love the lights that flash

He’s warm and soft 

I’ll happily do anything he says

Still lingering,

Is it him or another that wants me dead?



By Ryen Lesli

Pages turn

My soul burns

I need to know

Who, how, when, now

I can’t sleep,

The kids are crying they need me,

I pause robotically aiding their calls.

Has a spell been placed over me?

Cat is amusing,

But Wolf owns my heart,

How can River choose another

And break the bond.

The love in the ebb is ever evolving, unknown

Yet there’s a dark side I can almost see coming

Her fate is partly revealed

But still I know there’s more

The intricate details of every relationship is what I love

Ryen, what have you done to me?

Searching through the pages like a knight on a quest

I need Fate,

I need to know what happens next to my princess?

It’s like an addiction,

But what’s the cure for this?

Perhaps a few pages from the new book

To give me a fix.


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